About our Director:

Tiffany Burgess is a 1996 graduate of East Forsyth High School, a 2001 graduate of East Carolina University, and she holds her BFA in K-12 Theatre Arts Education, with a minor in English. A native of Kernersville, North Carolina, where she currently resides with her dog Zuko.


About our Founding:

Tiffany Burgess is an alumni of East Forsyth High School and upon returning as a teacher here, she founded Talon Theatrical Company here in 2004. She established the TTC because she wanted the theatre department to be viewed and accepted in a professional manner and not only does the title represent East Forsyth High School it also represents the professionalism that we strive for. 


About our Students:

Our company members vary from academic high achievers, athletes, class presidents, pillars of the community, and a variable representation from all walks of life. We have students who come for the love of being on stage and working backstage as technicians. We also have students who enjoy being on both sides of the stage who can achieve Thespian status in troupe 4125. (For more information on the International Thespian Society please click here.)